Earn and spend

As a member of BRA Vänner, you can use your points yourself or with your family.

Earn points on flights with BRA

A domestic, regular price, single ticket with BRA is worth 1,200 points. For every discounted single ticket, the holder can earn between 300 and 600 points depending upon the price of the ticket. (No points will be earned on certain discounted ticket categories). You only need to earn 6,000 points to be entitled to a free single domestic flight with BRA.

Earning points

Spend points on flights with BRA

Why not watch a football match at the stadium, have dinner inside Visby town walls, enjoy white water rafting in Umeå, a spa visit to Båstad or a visit to Turning Torso in Malmö?

We will take you around in Sweden for your points.

Spending points

Earning and spending points with our partners

Of course you can also earn or use your points with our partners. Please contact us to get more information about what our partners can offer you.

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