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Membership levels

BRA Vänner has three levels: Silver, Gold and Merit. The level or card you are entitled to depends upon how many times you have flown with BRA and what kind of ticket you purchased during a calendar year.

A new member who submits an application form will automatically become a Silver member. If you purchase a “Tidkort”, you will immediately become a Gold member.

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Silver is our first level for all new members who have submitted an application form. Silver entitles you to earn and use points with BRA and our partners, which include other airlines, hotels and car rental companies.


You reach Gold level when you have earned a total of 27,000 points over the period of a calendar year after flying with BRA on domestic routes or have purchased a “Tidkort”.

As a Gold Member, you get even more benefits such as discounts on airport buses, access to our lounges and priority for waiting lists. The card is loaded with additional assurances from the ERV.


Merit is the most exclusive membership level and perfect for those of you who travel a lot! You get many extra benefits. Look forward to free welcome points, guaranteed seating 48 hours before departure and much more.

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