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The perfect AD-HOC charter partner.

Listening carefully to your needs and demands, makes BRA the perfect AD-HOC charter partner.

BRA provides high quality service to where ever you want to fly. We have a flexible approach and offer solutions for wide-ranging demands. We address your needs of as if they were our own.

BRA offers pleasant and efficient service. Our air transport services are truly tailor-made and we are always committed to perform the best possible solutions for your needs. We will make sure to minimize your time at the airport with quick check-in and boarding procedures; we will transport you to your destination with the highest level of safety and top-quality service.

BRA has fleets of the types AVRO RJ100 and RJ85, four-engined jet aircrafts produced in England. Due to its construction and special wing shape these aircraft are able to start and land on very short runways which make them especially suitable for city airports. The aircraft also fulfils the stringent environmental and noise level restrictions often in operation at European city Airports. For more seating comfort, most of our aircrafts are equipped with luxurious leather seats.

Charter flights are ideal for customers who need their own flight times and require truly exclusive service to airports not often served by schedule airlines. We fly to a range of destinations in Europe and provide flights within a radius of about 3 hours.

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